Recipes Unearthed


A Biryani Recipe finally fragrant after 2000 years


A Biryani that was worth a war!

Legend whispers of a mythical kingdom called Behrouz, 2000 years ago, which rose to popularity around the world for its recipe of layered rice and secret spices. A recipe that lured Kings and masses alike; A dish that we now know as Biryani.

The recipe was lost forever when King Cyrus laid siege to Behrouz until it was discovered amongst the ruins. With this Biryani, we have brought back to life this lost recipe of Behrouz.

The Biryani that's safe, hygienic & royal!

We know how personal biryani is to you & we are doing our best to keep it safe & hygienic.

Real-time Temperature Tracking of Kitchen and Delivery Staff
Option to Choose Contactless Delivery
Regular Health Check-ups  for all the staff members
  • Medically Certified Staff
  • 200+ Stringent Quality Checks
  • No Artificial Colours or Flavours
  • Double Sealed Packaging
Everyone in the Royal Kitchen has been instructed to wear masks at all times
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A daily body-temperature log is maintained for all the staff members.
The frequency of hand-washing has increased to once every 1 hour.
The frequency of kitchen surface sanitization has gone up to once every 4 hours.
Food is cooked at a high temperature, using exceptional produce from certified traders.
Food is delivered in an enclosed, sealed package to avoid contamination.